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Suggestions for a Business Formal Winter Coat for Very Cold Weather?

The simple problem: I sometimes have business obligations that require business attire, but during very cold weather (e.g., Chicago in winter). Standard cold weather business attire is the long wool coat, but in my experience, they're only good down to 20° (-5 C) or so, even layered on a suit. Anything colder than that doesn't work well, as the long wool coats tend to be a bit drafty and not quite warm enough.

So, the constraints on what I'm looking for:

  • Looks good with a suit: yes. That's the minimum.

  • Warm: yes, obviously, at least down to the teens F (-10 C).

  • Bright colors: no. I want to look like I'm going to a meeting, not like I got separated from my party between the base camp and the summit. I'm not worried about rescue parties being able to find me after I get buried in an avalanche, I'm worried about looking professional but staying warm while I'm waiting for the hotel shuttle.

  • Black trash bag material: no. I have no idea how this ever got to be a thing, but I'm not going to go into a business meeting wearing something that looks like it got assembled from a Hefty trash bag and a pile of cotton balls.

  • Man-fur: no. I'm with Seinfeld on this one. (Edit: fur trim is OK.)

  • Parka: maybe. Depends on the style. Again, has to look good with a suit, not like I'm on my way to the North Pole.

  • Material: flexible, just as long as it looks appropriate. I suspect that there are constraints on just how warm you can stay with wool, so it may have to be synthetic, but again, has to look appropriate for a business setting.


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Coats to Keep Me Warm in a Freezing Winter with Raynauds



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Does the Car Coat cover a suit Jacket?
Yes!  Even our shorter coats are designed to cover a suit jacket, blazer or sport coat.

Can Norwegian Wool coats be worn with casual attire?
Yes, Norwegian Wool coats can be worn formally or more casually.  Many customers wear our coats over nice jeans or chinos.


Can you ship outside of the US?
Yes, we ship to customers worldwide.  Choose the global shipping option at checkout and Norwegian Wool covers all duties/customs.


What is the return policy?

Items can be returned or exchanged within 30 days of receiving merchandise.  For a full refund, merchandise must be unworn and in sellable condition with original hang and price tags attached.  Any returns made after 30 days will not be accepted.

In order to make sure that all products are brand new and from the newest production we have to strictly enforce the 30 day window.  The 30 days begins the day it shows as delivered to the customer.  The item must be returned or en route with tracking by day 30 to be eligible for a full refund.  Initiating a return but not shipping by that date does not qualify.

Non-eligible returns or exchanges include final sale, worn, washed, dry cleaned, damaged or altered items. 

Gifted items and gift receipts are eligible for exchanges only if the merchandise is unworn and in sellable condition with original hang tag and price tags attached. 

Expedited shipping charges are non refundable. Once received and processed, refunds will reflect on your account in 5-7 business days.  

To begin a return, please email info@norwegian-wool.com or stop in to our 5th Ave Store.    


Repair Policy/Warranty: 

Norwegian Wool products are designed so they will last for many seasons.  Norwegian Wool stands behind the quality of its products.  

Should any damage occur beyond normal wear and tear please contact us at info@norwegian-wool.com so we could assist you.  We will coordinate and cover any necessary repairs or exchanges.

This policy does not cover any repairs needed due to customer accidents, improper care, negligence, or normal wear and tear. 

To initiate a repair, please email Norwegian Wool at info@norwegian-wool.com or stop in to our 5th Ave Store.    


Need help with sizing?

Please send your inquiry to info@norwegian-wool.com

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Need help with sizing?

Please send your inquiry to info@norwegian-wool.com

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