Due to high demand, we are taking orders for Fall 2018. If a coat of interest is already sold out, please email info@norwegian-wool.com to arrange the order.

Our Story

Our Story

Our story begins with a commodities trader who worked at a Wall Street hedge fund. Like many other business professionals, he needed to look sharp in order to impress clients and represent both himself and his firm with a sense of importance and sophistication. However, year after year he found it virtually impossible to stay fashionable when winter would arrive. All of his coats that were truly warm and functional looked extremely bulky and highly unprofessional. The only outerwear pieces in his closet that were tailored fitting and looked presentable were insufficiently designed to defend against New York City winters. After being tired of having to choose between fashion or function, he decided to start a brand that merges both worlds.

Today, Norwegian Wool™ has expanded far beyond just the original ¾ length coat. We now offer multiple products in a variety of silhouettes. But even as we grow, we continue to stay true to our mission of always infusing cutting edge technology into our garments so that they can be worn in real city-life and not just on a fashion runway.

“The world didn’t need me to be just another luxury designer…my contribution is to make style and fashion truly wearable for the business professional.”

Michael Berkowitz
Founder and CEO